Dixie Rodders

Dixie Rodders is a classic, antique and street rod car club in east central Mississippi that was established in 2000 which makes the world a better place. We are a family oriented club dedicated to having good, clean fun and fellowship. We have members all over the place in places like Bailey, Collinsville, Decatur, Little Rock, Meridian, Quitman, Union, and Stonewall!

We have many things going on. We always caravan to car shows across Mississippi. From a 40 Ford, 67 Camaro, to an 81 Vette, we've got rods, cars, and trucks of every shape and color.

If your a car enthusiast and have your own that your just dying to show off, join the rest of us car nuts and cruise around, We guarantee you'll have a good time. Just check out our fleet insurance 'become a member' page to see what it takes to become a Dixie Rodder!

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Whether you have the vehicle you've always dreamt of or else you simply dream of possessing the vehicle you've always dreamt of, joining a vehicle club associated with that particular vehicle is essential. Recommendations that vehicle clubs are an easy way to network, meet others concentrating on the same interests and also to get deals on cars and add-ons.Many individuals believe that vehicle clubs are merely for individuals individuals who want or possess a fooled out ride with the chrome their vehicle holds.

This really is certainly not the case. From searching vehicle clubs and knowledge about vehicle clubs, we found clubs readily available for everything from lowriders, monster trucks and motorcycles to luxury and top end automobiles. It appears that vehicle clubs have a stigma to become more for teens fantasizing of possessing a fooled out ride whereas they are simply for anybody of all ages with a passion for cars.Exactly what do you receive whenever you enroll in a vehicle club?

This differs from club to club, but recommendations a couple of stuff that tend to be more prevalent. Most of the clubs possess a monthly e-newsletter which will inform you of recent items and add-ons, cars available and approaching vehicle occasions. There's also gear available associated with that vehicle including t-t shirts, hats, key rings, travel mugs and water bottles. You normally obtain a discount on these products should you fit in with these clubs.

When the club includes a website, you are able to join the forum to talk about details about things you have carried out for your vehicle in addition to solicit advice from others.If you're a vehicle collector or are intending to buy a vehicle, vehicle clubs will also help you discover discounted prices. We all know of one guy who is part of the S2000 club.

After graduation from college, he made the decision to downsize in cars for a few years. Since he is the owner of their own business, he desired to purchase another S2000. Through people he met in the vehicle club he found an incredible deal on the used one.Vehicle club subscriptions also are actually excellent gifts for that people we all know who've everything.

We've carried this out for any father-in-law who just bought a Small Cooper along with a cousin who's into Lowriders. Both of them loved the present and revel in obtaining the news letters and purchasing vehicle gear on their own.So, regardless if you are driving a luxury vehicle or cruising inside your fooled out Honda, there's a vehicle club just awaiting you.

You are able to join for a small charge, however the perks, discount rates as well as networking allow it to be all worthwhile. If, around the off chance, you cannot look for a vehicle club that meets your needs, consider beginning your personal. Odds are you will find others available who'd like to join the club and swap vehicle tips and knowledge with one another.